Building a Strong and Cohesive School Board

In 2019, Wing Ho was appointed by the AUSD Board of Trustees in an open interview setting, along with eight other candidates. Wing shared his mission and vision about equity in education, school safety, students/parents/teachers engagement from the lens of an elementary school parent, community leader, professional, and a long time Alhambra resident. Wing has brought his vision into action, and will continuously lead the school district in this challenging time with his professional and school board member experience for the next four years.

Wing started his school board duty in mid-January 2019 and hit the ground running since then. Wing had reached out to the AUSD and community stakeholders, including (but not limited to) Alhambra Teachers Association (ATA) representatives, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Presidents at each school site, School Parents, City Officials, …etc, to listen and exchange ideas. Besides, Wing has been working closely with AUSD Administration for the opportunity to improve our communication protocol between the school, students, parents, and teachers.

School safety to the students and teachers/staff is the number one priority to Wing. Wing has been working with the Assistant Superintendent, Mr. George Murray, to ensure that the bond money is putting in the right use on our modernization projects.

At the beginning of the year, when the fire broke out in AHS, Wing immediately visited AHS along with our Superintendent and cabinets to assess the damages and reported back in the board meeting. Wing’s professional knowledge allows him to bring in different ideas and perspectives and solutions to the board.

During this pandemic period, Wing plays an important role for AUSD and interviewed various media including English and Chinese news reporters, Chinese Radio Station…etc. As a Chinese immigrant himself, Wing understands the cultural diversity within our school district, and he is using his cultural experience and language ability as a bridge to bring the district and our community together. Wing focuses on getting the latest and accurate AUSD information to our parents and gather their feedback to share with the school board and the Administration.